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Considering Comcast? West Lafayette Has DIRECTV Too!

Be the first to see new Company:"comcast" jobs in Indiana. My email:. Indeed helps people get jobs: Over 10 million stories shared. For jobs in Finland, visit fi. He was like, I can see the line on the ground outside. It took a half hour to get through to this person that nothing he did from inside his house was going to restore this connection. But you still want competition, right? But you can have competition on multiple levels, and one is on the physical infrastructure level, where everyone has to build their own networks.

Comcast in West Lafayette has limited availability – DIRECTV is available nearly everywhere

For years when it came to the intersection of cities and the Internet, the focus was on wireless networks. So anyone — public, private — who tried to build a city-wide WiFi network, they almost all struggled.

Internet Essentials: Another twist on low-cost broadband service for low-income Americans

If anything it shows that local governments are not all that dissimilar [from private companies] when it comes to some of these projects. But where they are different, and what is endlessly frustrating, is that wireless is often not a very good solution for city-wide access.

Its appeal is that it can be deployed more quickly and in the short term is less costly. But a lot of times the benefits of those networks take more than four years to accrue. What worries them? But the next one is, frankly, can we make it work? Building these networks is difficult. Nancy Scola is a Washington, DC-based journalist whose work tends to focus on the intersections of technology, politics, and public policy. They failed to show up to two appointments, after making me wait for my appointment for 3 weeks, and calling the wrong numbers and just never showing up at all.

They played phone tag with me all of the time, and the last time I talked to them we decided on a morning appointment where I gave them my boyfriend's phone number to call and his alternate when they were ready.

They still called me and were very confused about the appointment time, etc. When I could call them back from work, more than a few hours before they closed, they would not send anyone out.

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They then played phone tag with me again all that day and hung up on me when I asked to cancel my order. I had to call 3 times afterwards to get cancelled. Called Comcast the next day and got service set up and installed myself, granted for 30 dollars more and half the speed. Imo, I'd try to get the install and if you have trouble at all just ditch them. Its not worth all of the hassle. Not even a question. Metronet is fiber optic internet and above average cable.

CANCELLED my internet - Comcast sucks & the huge opportunity of keeping internet

Pure amazing. A year ago I tried to sign up with Metronet. Their customer service was so bad, that after weeks without getting set up I eventually got fed up and went with Comcast. Comcast jacked up the price after 12 months and wouldn't match Metronet's price, so I recently signed up with Metronet.

Internet Data for 47906

This time the install went pretty smoothly. So far the service has been great. Make sure you have a really good wireless router if you're complaining about WiFi speeds. Just to pile on: I've had Comcast for years, and they are so bad that my wife absolutely refused to deal with them at all. Constantly increasing and wrong charges that we had to call and fight. Metronet has been fine so far.