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Click here to download this menu and order form. Offering a one of a kind dining experience infused with their personality, vision and amazing food. Fourteen years later, Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn is going strong, busier than the day it was opened. A new concept with just as much personality as "The Barn. And "The Bowl" as we affectionately call it, was born. Funky retro styling appeals to young and old alike. Hot, fresh, delicious food keeps bringing them back, again and again. Amy and Jay believe a big part of their success is due to giving back to the community that supports them.

Here's how it works We've picked 6 local organizations that we believe do great things for our community. Each organization has been assigned 2 months of CISCF offers programs in area schools and brings community resources, services, parents and volunteers together to help meet students' needs. This provides some youth the opportunity to make their stay at Open House permanent until their 19th birthday. Youth ages 6 to 18 are eligible for services. Open House provides a positive peer community and encourages youth's personal growth through skill building and counseling, providing for basic food, clothing and shelter needs, as well as long-term residential services.

Since , hundreds of children and adults with disabilities have played on the 33, square foot rubberized BRAX Stadium PPD Miracle Field, and a countless number of families have visited the Kiwanis Miracle Playground, the largest wheelchair accessible playground in North Carolina. We promote education about responsible pet ownership, animal adoption, care and training to the community and our inmate dog trainers. Monty's Home is dedicated to rescuing dogs from a local shelter, providing them with medical care and training, before adoption into qualified homes.

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We offer support along the continuum of care from animal adoption through end of life issues. The largest of our programs is our canine rescue and training program. Four times a year, Monty's Home rescues five dogs from a local kill shelter. The dogs enter our Pawsitive Partner Prison Program to be trained for 8 weeks by inmate dog trainers at Pender Correctional Institution in obedience and household manners, which helps with successful adoption into forever homes. We, at Ocean Cure, believe very strongly in using the healing properties of the ocean for not only physical disabilities, but emotional trauma and mental impairments as well.

Through activities such as surfing and paddle boarding, our highly qualified instructors look to generate and provide a feeling of normalcy for our participants. By alleviating apprehension and fear around an activity, our FREE charity events and surf camps help to empower those who are disabled, reassuring them that there is no obstacle that they cannot overcome. By using the ocean, we are able to create uplifting personal experiences for not only the participant, but their families as well.

By involving participants AND their families, the waves extend beyond one individual, and into their loved ones to build a positive relationship and a common bond amongst families who are sharing similar experiences. Conveniently located in Carolina Beach across from the town offices. Carolina Beach, NC. Go There Now. Where are You? Yell at Us. Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn. Hot, Fast, Cheap, and Easy. Employing the Freaks of Wilmington Since the Year ! We've been voted one of the 33 best burritos in America by Thrilliist! What's our Deal? Hot The way food was meant to be.

Fast Don't let the line scare you. Our trained Burrito Monkeys will have your order done in a jiffy.

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Cheap As in not expensive. You have better things to do with that money. Easy Do you really want to cook? I didn't think so. Our Menu for our Oleander Drive, Wilmington, location Open 11ampm almost every day of the year! Closed Mondays we said almost Order online , or call ahead for Carry Out! A Children's menu and limited catering menu available. Download the Oleander menu here! Order online , or call ahead for Carry Out! Order Online Through Chow Now! Order online for faster pickup at either of our locations! Place orders for ASAP, or for a future date and time. Just click the Big Obvious Button below, follow the directions, and make your selections!


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Catering Menu Catering and Bulk Orders for Pickup or Delivery In order to ensure the quality of your order as well as the quality of service to our dine-in guests, we have a few limits and restrictions on our catering menu. Friday a. No changes or substitutions may be made to individual burritos. Flaming Amy's loves to give back!

Amy Nolan Muxworthy. Jay Muxworthy. Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn Mmmmmmmm.

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Pics Check out our digs! Then we can discuss further if you still disagree. Step 2: Grab another handful of people and have them eat REAL food every day and smoke a pack of cigarettes every day until death. Lets see here….

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